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Mobile Search Engine Optimization

Voice. Text. Mobile Web. A direct line to your customers. Are you within arm's reach?

The AOK Mobile mission is to inspire action by connecting you with your customer's mobile devices.

We make YOU visible to people looking for your products and services by utilizing the latest techniques in:

Have you fallen behind with your Mobile initiatives? We can help!

2008: The total number of mobile web users exceeded desktop web users for the first time.

There are more than 4.1 Billion mobile devices in the world today, outnumbering desktops by 10 to 1 in some countries.

In parts of Europe the number of mobile subcribers exceeds the total population.

AOK Mobile was born from the desire for immediate information. RIGHT NOW on your mobile.

People don't browse, don't surf, and certainly don't waste their data on their mobile devices.

They need to find you. NOW.

If you're not ranked. They won't find you. If your site isn't mobile friendly, they won't wait for it.

If you're not integrating mobile with your other marketing, how many opportunities are you missing?

We make SEO, increasing mobile web traffic, converting leads, and increasing mobile sales easy for you.

Start to finish, we'll do the heavy lifting. Check out our Search Engine Optimization, Mobile Marketing and Agency Services.

AOK Mobile is your team of experienced mobile marketing experts, search engine optimizers, internet marketing experts, web developers and designers.

We provide the best mobile marketing and internet marketing services found anywhere in the world, that's why you found us!

Our solutions are working for over 2000 clients in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Europe, South Asia and Australia.

Contact us today for a Free Evaluation.

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